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Atlanta Neighborhoods: Vista Grove (aka Oak Grove)

At Classic Intown Homes, we love Atlanta and her surrounding neighborhoods. As our buyers purchase homes in these neighborhoods, I will tell you a bit about them. Our clients just purchased a beautiful 25 year old brick, three-level home in Sagamore … [Read more]

Atlanta: One Neighborhood at a Time. Margaret Mitchell

What's in a name? Margaret Mitchell the author, wrote most of the Civil War Classic "Gone With the Wind" while residing in a boarding house (still standing) on Crescent Avenue at 10th Street in Mid-town Atlanta. Margaret Mitchell the neighborhood, … [Read more]

Atlanta: One Neighborhood at a Time

Suwanee! How We Love You   Our new clients are moving to metro Atlanta from New Orleans and they told me on the phone that they wanted to live in Suwanee. When working with buyers, our team previews homes before we show them, so, I … [Read more]

That’s How She Gave Away $100,000

Saturday morning, I had an appointment to meet an appraiser at a listing we have. It was being appraised by the purchaser’s lender and I wanted to make sure the appraiser had good information on recent sales. (It’s what a good listing agent should … [Read more]

Full Moon and Lovey

Sturgeon Moon? The August Full Moon, visible around sunrise this morning in Atlanta, is called a Sturgeon Moon by some Native Americans. Did you see it? Lovey, my rottweiler/lab mix and I saw it around 6:30 am on Memorial Drive. It was beautiful. I … [Read more]

Meet Maggie

Being dog (and cat) people, we love having Maggie come to visit whenever she can. Maggie joined our team in June, all the way from California. She brought her person (and our Office Manager) Lisa with her :-) … [Read more]

Classic Intown Homes get a lift from Helium

Thanks Joe and Helium On a hot day in August our busy real estate team met Joe Norton with His task was to give our website the lift it needed. Thank you Joe! Check out our blog posts Really! Jo, Chris, Jane, and Lisa here at … [Read more]

Krog Street Market Development

The highly anticipated opening of Krog Street Market is getting closer every day. In fact, some parts of the $70-million project are scheduled to open mid-summer 2013, which has everyone in the area anxious to see what will finally be unveiled. … [Read more]

Piedmont Park Expansion Project

In 2006, Atlanta City Council approved the Piedmont Park Expansion Project. Today, the first phase of the project is nearly complete. Upon completion, the project will add brand new access to Piedmont Park, which will make it easier than ever to … [Read more]