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Atlanta Neighborhoods: Vista Grove (aka Oak Grove)

At Classic Intown Homes, we love Atlanta and her surrounding neighborhoods. As our buyers purchase homes in these neighborhoods, I will tell you a bit about them. Our clients just purchased a beautiful 25 year old brick, three-level home in Sagamore Hills.  Active listings in Sagamore Hills are priced today between $425k and $547k.

The Oak Grove neighborhood is centered around a small but vibrant commercial district at the intersection of La Vista  and Oak Grove Roads. The surrounding area includes Sagamore Hills,  Leafmore-Creek Park Hills and several smaller developments.

Oak Grove is well known for its two outstanding elementary schools: Oak Grove Elementary  and Sagamore Hills Elementary. There are beautiful brick ranch homes, maple and oak trees, and the nationally acclaimed Christmas in the Grove holiday display: Christmas in the Grove

Need a nosh? visit the Oak Grove Market for fresh sliced meats and salads or head to The Grove for a cool beverage. Fellini’s, Napoleon’s and Sprig are also popular meet and eat venues. The beautiful Frazier Rowe Park is just east of Oak Grove off LaVista Road. Check it out!


the-groveThe Oak Grove neighborhood is changing. Some smaller ranch style homes are being replaced by large traditional-style homes, sometimes doubling or tripling the square feet of the original structure. A second and third generation are rediscovering the area for their own families. There are a few small condominium complexes in the area as well.sprigoak-grove-market

If you are looking for sidewalks, shops, and home choices that range from mid-century modern to 2016 traditional, call Classic Intown Homes today. We can be your Oak Grove guide!

Atlanta: One Neighborhood at a Time. Margaret Mitchell

What’s in a name?

Margaret Mitchell the author, wrote most of the Civil War Classic “Gone With the Wind” while residing in a boarding house (still standing) on Crescent Avenue at 10th Street in Mid-town Atlanta. Margaret Mitchell the neighborhood, began development in the last mid-century. Homes were built in the ranch style of the day on large lots. Many of these beauties remain, making Margaret Mitchell one of the best “mid-century modern architecture” viewing areas of Atlanta.

MM Modern

The neighborhood has changed in the past 60 years with the addition of traditional ranch style homes and more recently multi-level homes.

MM TradtionalMM New

Margaret Mitchell is not incorporated but it has a strong and active Civic Association:

MM Sign

I first visited Margaret Mitchell last spring when my buyer wanted a home in the Brandon Elementary School area. Our search included homes that ranged from 2,000 square feet to more than 6,000 and prices from $300,000 to the multi-millions. My buyers chose a lovely newer construction home and have settled in with welcoming neighbors, easy access to I-75, and participation in the Margaret Mitchell Civic Association.

Atlanta is a feast for the senses! Our neighborhoods each add their own particular flavor! Where would you like to go next?

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Atlanta: One Neighborhood at a Time

Suwanee! How We Love You

Suwanee Art


Our new clients are moving to metro Atlanta from New Orleans and they told me on the phone that they wanted to live in Suwanee. When working with buyers, our team previews homes before we show them, so, I selected a variety of houses within their price range and, with a map in hand, drove the 45 minutes from Decatur to Suwanee. My previous experience of Suwanee was quite limited!

You see, I live Inside the Perimeter (ITP) and most of my clients are ITP people. We are proud of being ITP people. Atlanta folks are fond of playing up the difference between OTP (Outside the Perimeter) and ITP like college football rivals. So, why am I heading OTP? This client is a referral and we honor our referrals with a special fervor. I may not know much about Suwanee now, but I will before the ink is dry on the purchase and sale agreement!

What did I discover yesterday? Suwanee is over 10 square miles and much of that is newer construction subdivisions with sidewalks, swim/tennis centers, and large traditional homes. Suwanee has two downtown areas, Old Town, and the newer city center. Being an ITP person, the Old Town got most of my attention. There are several 100+ year old homes, commercial businesses, and quaint narrow streets. I discovered that the city of Suwanee is older than most of the Intown neighborhoods I am familiar with! The Post Office was established there in 1837 when the population was just over 100 folks ( Atlanta was not even founded until 1847. SuwaneeNewCity

I also discovered a vast system of walking trails, large parks, and public spaces. In conclusion, Suwanee may be large but it is also beautiful.

#Suwanee, you are a lovely place! Your parks, neighborhoods, schools, preservation policies, and convenience to water, mountains, and major transportation corridors, make you AOK in this ITP gals thoughts. My new clients will love it there and I will enjoy showing them the cool stuff I discovered too!

By Jane Acuff

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That’s How She Gave Away $100,000

Saturday morning, I had an appointment to meet an appraiser at a listing we have. It was being appraised by the purchaser’s lender and I wanted to make sure the appraiser had good information on recent sales. (It’s what a good listing agent should do for their seller.)

The appraiser mentioned that a good friend’s Mother had owned a home in the Sandy Springs area of Atlanta, and that in average to poor condition it was worth $425,000. It was on an over-sized lot and the land alone was worth this much. Now, remember, the person telling the story assesses property value, for banks, for a living. Well, the Sandy Springs home owner, didn’t think much of realtors and decided to sell the house herself. She complained to her family that she didn’t have time to track down the deed and was irritated trying to get legal work accomplished, but she wanted to save money and was going to do it herself.

The owner sold her home for $299,000 and it took several months to close. So, in an effort to save money, she accepted $126,000 less than the appraiser thought she would easily get for the home, and in addition, she exhausted herself trying to take care of the legal aspects of the sale.

The appraiser went on to say, this sale happened two years ago and the lady still boasts about the great job she did selling her home on her own without a realtor. Had she used a realtor the fees (for both the seller’s and buyer’s agent) would have probably cost $25,500. So, in the end, the lady would have easily taken home an additional $100,500.

This sort of thing happens more frequently than you may think. Unless you sell property day-in and day-out you likely don’t know the nuances of the current market. Some sellers will list property too high, and as their home sits and sits, not selling, the buyer’s perception of it declines. Others, just as this seller, throw away money because they don’t know what they don’t know.

Consult a professional. Selling a big ticket item like a home, deserves professional care. I normally don’t get on a soap box like this, but the appraiser’s message got my attention. Who wouldn’t like an extra 100K in the bank?

Full Moon and Lovey

Sturgeon Moon?

The August Full Moon, visible around sunrise this morning in Atlanta, is called a Sturgeon Moon by some Native Americans. Did you see it? Lovey, my rottweiler/lab mix and I saw it around 6:30 am on Memorial Drive. It was beautiful. I hope you got to see it too.

At Classic Intown Homes, we rise early so you don’t have to!

2016 Sturgeon Moon over Classic Intown Homes

2016 Sturgeon Moon over Classic Intown Homes

Meet Maggie

Being dog (and cat) people, we love having Maggie come to visit whenever she can. Maggie joined our team in June, all the way from California. She brought her person (and our Office Manager) Lisa with her 🙂

Maggie joined our team in June, all the way from California. She brought her person (and our Office Manager) Lisa with her :-)

Classic Intown Homes get a lift from Helium

Thanks Joe and Helium

On a hot day in August our busy real estate team met Joe Norton with His task was to give our website the lift it needed. Thank you Joe!

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Jo, Chris, Jane, and Lisa here at Classic Intown Homes are baaack and blogging for you, our clients and future clients. Here’s the place for neighborhood updates, information on pricing trends, fun facts, and special guest appearances 😉

Coming Soon

Want to know about the coolest place to find ukelele this side of Hawaii? How to get a super-fun walking tour of Atlanta without exhausting yourself? or The Top 10 things to Avoid when Selling Your Home?  Stay tuned….
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Krog Street Market Development

Krog Street Market DevelopmentThe highly anticipated opening of Krog Street Market is getting closer every day. In fact, some parts of the $70-million project are scheduled to open mid-summer 2013, which has everyone in the area anxious to see what will finally be unveiled. However, there are some worries, and rightfully so, with the current state of the property in the area. In fact, when the renderings that have been released for the completed project are compared to the current state of the property in the area, there is a drastic difference. Due to this, some think the actual opening will be delayed for many months. Despite the doubt on when the market will open, there is still great excitement brewing.

What is the Krog Street Market Project?

Krog Street Market is unique project because it is one of the only undeveloped commercial areas left in Inman Park. When completed, the nine-acre area that lies directly on BeltLine trail will be a mixed-use development area. After completion, Krog Street Market will connect two existing parcels; the Stove Works, on the west side, and the former Tyler Perry Studios, on the east side. To connect the two areas and encourage visitors to travel to both sides during each visit, a pedestrian bridge is being built between the two buildings.

What Can Atlanta Residents Expect to Find in Krog Street Market?

Upon completion, Krog Street Market will be a 12,000 square foot market with a variety of restaurants featuring many different cuisines for visitors to enjoy. Additionally, there will be 300 apartments for rent in the hip area. The first 225 of the 300 apartments will be available during Phase I of the project and the remaining 75 apartments will be available at a later, undisclosed date. Another exciting perk of Krog Street Market is that all the merchants, including butchers, bakers, cheesemakers, and florists, will all be local.

If the Krog Street Market lives up to the hype, no matter how long the project takes to complete, it will definitely be a huge asset to the Inman area.

Images and information provided by SRS Real Estate



Piedmont Park Expansion Project

Click on the Map to download a PDF of the Park Expansion Illustration.

Click on the Map to download a PDF of the Park Expansion Illustration.

In 2006, Atlanta City Council approved the Piedmont Park Expansion Project. Today, the first phase of the project is nearly complete. Upon completion, the project will add brand new access to Piedmont Park, which will make it easier than ever to access the park, and will also include an addition of 53 amazing green acres.

Final Stages of Atlanta’s Botanical Garden

Part of the plan included major changes to Atlanta’s Botanical Garden. As of now, most of the project is complete including a brand new visitor center, which is sure to be full of tourists and locals, and a spacious 800-space parking area. This parking structure is unique because it was built to LEED specifications. The only part of the project that still needs completed is the construction of the canopy walk. Visitors to the gardens will surely be impressed by the new Legacy Fountain, which features 70 jets, one million different configurations, and fantastically bright LED lights.

What Visitors Can Expect When the Project is Complete

Since the project plans to add an impressive 53 acres to its existing property, the park will offer many more exciting activities for Atlanta residents to enjoy. This is true because nearly 40% of the additional added property is usuable green space.

piedmont-parkPiedmont Park will host the Green Farmers Market and lessons for the kids including how to can. One of the special food events for the summer will be the Atlanta Street Food Festival. Additionally, Piedmont Park has partnered with the Atlanta Audubon Society to offer Bird Walks for locals and tourists.

Piedmont Dog Park; is divided into two sections one for large breed dogs and the other for small dogs. To keep canine’s human companions happy, there are benches, restrooms, and trails that can be used as well.

Special Events can be held in several areas of Piedmont Park. Greystone has been converted into an event center, and at 9,000 square feet it is Atlanta’s only lakefront venue. Piedmont Park is an Atlanta treasure that anyone would like to call home. In fact, as the area continues to grow and become more beautiful, it will be an even more advantageous area to live.

Check out this video: