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Krog Street Market Development

Krog Street Market DevelopmentThe highly anticipated opening of Krog Street Market is getting closer every day. In fact, some parts of the $70-million project are scheduled to open mid-summer 2013, which has everyone in the area anxious to see what will finally be unveiled. However, there are some worries, and rightfully so, with the current state of the property in the area. In fact, when the renderings that have been released for the completed project are compared to the current state of the property in the area, there is a drastic difference. Due to this, some think the actual opening will be delayed for many months. Despite the doubt on when the market will open, there is still great excitement brewing.

What is the Krog Street Market Project?

Krog Street Market is unique project because it is one of the only undeveloped commercial areas left in Inman Park. When completed, the nine-acre area that lies directly on BeltLine trail will be a mixed-use development area. After completion, Krog Street Market will connect two existing parcels; the Stove Works, on the west side, and the former Tyler Perry Studios, on the east side. To connect the two areas and encourage visitors to travel to both sides during each visit, a pedestrian bridge is being built between the two buildings.

What Can Atlanta Residents Expect to Find in Krog Street Market?

Upon completion, Krog Street Market will be a 12,000 square foot market with a variety of restaurants featuring many different cuisines for visitors to enjoy. Additionally, there will be 300 apartments for rent in the hip area. The first 225 of the 300 apartments will be available during Phase I of the project and the remaining 75 apartments will be available at a later, undisclosed date. Another exciting perk of Krog Street Market is that all the merchants, including butchers, bakers, cheesemakers, and florists, will all be local.

If the Krog Street Market lives up to the hype, no matter how long the project takes to complete, it will definitely be a huge asset to the Inman area.

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Piedmont Park Expansion Project

Click on the Map to download a PDF of the Park Expansion Illustration.

Click on the Map to download a PDF of the Park Expansion Illustration.

In 2006, Atlanta City Council approved the Piedmont Park Expansion Project. Today, the first phase of the project is nearly complete. Upon completion, the project will add brand new access to Piedmont Park, which will make it easier than ever to access the park, and will also include an addition of 53 amazing green acres.

Final Stages of Atlanta’s Botanical Garden

Part of the plan included major changes to Atlanta’s Botanical Garden. As of now, most of the project is complete including a brand new visitor center, which is sure to be full of tourists and locals, and a spacious 800-space parking area. This parking structure is unique because it was built to LEED specifications. The only part of the project that still needs completed is the construction of the canopy walk. Visitors to the gardens will surely be impressed by the new Legacy Fountain, which features 70 jets, one million different configurations, and fantastically bright LED lights.

What Visitors Can Expect When the Project is Complete

Since the project plans to add an impressive 53 acres to its existing property, the park will offer many more exciting activities for Atlanta residents to enjoy. This is true because nearly 40% of the additional added property is usuable green space.

piedmont-parkPiedmont Park will host the Green Farmers Market and lessons for the kids including how to can. One of the special food events for the summer will be the Atlanta Street Food Festival. Additionally, Piedmont Park has partnered with the Atlanta Audubon Society to offer Bird Walks for locals and tourists.

Piedmont Dog Park; is divided into two sections one for large breed dogs and the other for small dogs. To keep canine’s human companions happy, there are benches, restrooms, and trails that can be used as well.

Special Events can be held in several areas of Piedmont Park. Greystone has been converted into an event center, and at 9,000 square feet it is Atlanta’s only lakefront venue. Piedmont Park is an Atlanta treasure that anyone would like to call home. In fact, as the area continues to grow and become more beautiful, it will be an even more advantageous area to live.

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