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Krog Street Market Development

Krog Street Market DevelopmentThe highly anticipated opening of Krog Street Market is getting closer every day. In fact, some parts of the $70-million project are scheduled to open mid-summer 2013, which has everyone in the area anxious to see what will finally be unveiled. However, there are some worries, and rightfully so, with the current state of the property in the area. In fact, when the renderings that have been released for the completed project are compared to the current state of the property in the area, there is a drastic difference. Due to this, some think the actual opening will be delayed for many months. Despite the doubt on when the market will open, there is still great excitement brewing.

What is the Krog Street Market Project?

Krog Street Market is unique project because it is one of the only undeveloped commercial areas left in Inman Park. When completed, the nine-acre area that lies directly on BeltLine trail will be a mixed-use development area. After completion, Krog Street Market will connect two existing parcels; the Stove Works, on the west side, and the former Tyler Perry Studios, on the east side. To connect the two areas and encourage visitors to travel to both sides during each visit, a pedestrian bridge is being built between the two buildings.

What Can Atlanta Residents Expect to Find in Krog Street Market?

Upon completion, Krog Street Market will be a 12,000 square foot market with a variety of restaurants featuring many different cuisines for visitors to enjoy. Additionally, there will be 300 apartments for rent in the hip area. The first 225 of the 300 apartments will be available during Phase I of the project and the remaining 75 apartments will be available at a later, undisclosed date. Another exciting perk of Krog Street Market is that all the merchants, including butchers, bakers, cheesemakers, and florists, will all be local.

If the Krog Street Market lives up to the hype, no matter how long the project takes to complete, it will definitely be a huge asset to the Inman area.

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