Kirkwood is a historical streetcar suburb conveniently located five miles from downtown Atlanta. This diverse town lies between DeKalb Avenue, Rogers Street/Montgomery Street, Memorial Drive, and Mellrich/Winter Avenue.

Kirkwood has a wide variety of affordable housing to offer prospetive home buyers. Homes in this trendy, yet homey, neighborhood are surrounded by great amenities and beautiful parks. In fact, Kirwood is one of the most popular neighborhoods to live in for those looking for quality housing near midtown or downtown Atlanta.


About Kirkwood

kirkwood4Within Kirkwood’s real estate inventory there are many modern homes, bungalows, and Victoria historical homes too. These homes range in price, taste, and architectural style. With this huge variety of homes available, home buyers are sure to find a home that meets their style and their budget.

Kirkwood was formed in the 1870s as a residential suburb. Soon after it was created, it became a coveted district with a variety of upscale boutiques, art galleries, and retail shops. However, the neighborhood didn’t become as popular as it is today until the 1990s. In addition to its healthy economy, Kirkwood also has great school systems, easy to access public transportation, and a very low crime rate. These factors alone make Kirkwood a fantastic place to raise a family.

kirkwood3The most impressive part of Kirkwood is its four beautiful, public parks; Gilliam Park, Coan Park, Bessie Branham Park, and the Kirkwood Urban Forest and Community Garden. The Gilliam Park provides the perfect location to enjoy green spaces and to find serenity. Coan Park features a variety of athletic fields that residents often enjoy. Bessie Branham Park is often visited so residents can enjoy athletic competitions, a playground, recreation center, and many other activities as well. The Kirkwood Urban Forest and Community Garden is a seven acre park that has shaded public spaces and a fantastic botanical garden.

No matter what type of housing you are looking for, you can find it in Kirkwood. Between the tree-lined roads, beautiful green spaces, and all the amenities you can find in a big city, Kirkwood really is an ideal Atlanta neighborhood to call home.

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Elementary School: Toomer
Middle School: Coan, Crim
High School: Grady